Monday, 25 July 2022

Social Anxiety

What is social anxiety

  • Social anxiety is a persistent fear of social situations where you need to interact with others or perform a task in public.
  • Some people become fearful of interactions with others, such as having a conversation or making small talk with people. 
  • Some people also become fearful of social situation where you need to perform a task such as giving a presentation, or a talk to others at work. 

Why social anxiety is distressing 

  • When people have social anxiety, interacting with other people, or perform a task in public can create enormous fears. 
  • If you have social anxiety you will avoid social situations, or endure them with a sense of dread. 
  • In social situations you will be fearful that other people are judging you harshly. 
  • Underlying social anxieties are often beliefs that other people are viewing you as either overly anxious, weak, or that people see you as either crazy or stupid. 
  • The fear of being harshly judged can restrict your social activities. 

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